Mobile Internet saves the day

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People may think that mobile internet is the preserve of those that frequent Facebook and Twitter. However, there are also more serious applications to having this facility, as I found out recently on holiday.

Within five minutes of arriving at our holiday cottage my father sustained a bad fall down some stairs. Now we were not in Outer Mongolia but North Cornwall but there was no phone book or sufficient information in the cottage.

I was under the strict instructions from the wife not to bring the laptop, which I duly obeyed 😉 However, I did have my trusty Nokia C3!

Using my phone, with mobile Internet, I was able to locate the nearest hospital, doctors and pharmacy. Fortunately we did not need to use these facilities but it was still useful to have that facility available to us, not having a phone book in the cottage.

The next day we were also able to check out walking facilities and tide times at St Michael’s Mount as Dad was still injured from the fall and could not walk fully.

I guess the moral of the story is that mobile Internet is not just for Facebook and Twitter fans that cannot tear themselves away from the Internet but it is also a handy tool if you find yourself in unfamiliar territory and need some urgent information or help!


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