Crib Sheet 4: How to get rid of repeated unwanted email

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Image by adria.richards via Flickr

The first method of getting rid of repeated unwanted email is by “unsubscribing”. This is usually hidden at the bottom of the received email and will often be highlighted as a link.

>Click on “unsubscribe”.

This will usually take you to a page which will ask you “are you sure you wish to unsubscribe?”.

>Click “Yes”

Hopefully that should remove the unwanted mails. If this is not successful then you may have to alter your emails to identify these mails as “junk“. Now this varies from programme to program but the process will be similar as follows:

>Go to the offending email in inbox

>Click Junk Button (in Thunderbird) or it may be in the Tools menu.

In Outlook you can block junk emails. This should process them straight to your “Junk” folder.


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