Avoid receiving Spam or Unwanted Mail

You may have received mail from an unknown company purporting to send you money if you send them some first or possibly trying to sell you products you have no need for.

How do these people get my email address you may ask?

Well some of it is collected when you enter competitions or even legitimate companies, e.g. insurance,  sell on you details! Some email providers are less secure than others, in my personal experience Yahoo mail.

There are also “web bots” online that look for email addresses on the web. If you do fill in your details online, (excepting payment situations), write your email like this:

mrsith (at) yahoo (dot) com

as opposed to


Likewise just as you would not give your home address to strangers, alway exercise caution before parting with that information. If in doubt politely decline or give a false email address.

When making payments there is usually as tick box with words to the effect

“We may pass on your details to third parties”.

Always untick this box. You can always set up a second email account with google or yahoo if you do not wish to give out your “secure” email address.

If you are plagued with spam or unwanted attention it might be simpler just to start with a new email address.

If you are a regular recipient of “joke” or chain emails and the sender regularly discloses your email address in the To or CC address line, then politely asked them to blind copy you in the address line, i.e. BCC, or remove you entirely from the list. One cannot guarantee how far the email will travel with your details on it!

By taking these basic precautions one will reduce the risk of unwanted mail 🙂


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