What is Twitter ?

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What is Twitter all about? Well its a bit like a text message on your phone but it can be written from a computer or a phone. Also, unlike text messages, there is a search function you can use. You do not need to be registered to use it and sometimes it is more up to date than the BBC! Some frequently asked questions are as follows:

Is it easy to use?

A. Yes. If you can type you can use twitter

How easy is it to register?

A. Very easy – you will need an email address and password.

Can I search things with Twitter?

A. Yes just put  the contents in the Twitter search box like you would with Google.

Can I put links to a website or event?

A. Yes. Twitter even shortens the web address for you to make it easy

Is it just for trendy youngsters?

A. No there is no age limit 🙂


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