Refilling Ink Cartridges

Printer Ink is allegedly the most expensive liquid in the world. This is a picture of an Epsom Cartridge that retails about £6 on its own.

Epsom Ink Cartridge

Due to infrequent use it stopped working and due to time constraints had to go out and buy a non genuine replacement cartridge at a slightly discounted price. Once again I was unhappy to be with parting with cash and thus weeped at the checkout for a item that cost the same a a bottle of spirits but could be measued in thimbles. By my elementary mathematics if printer ink was the equivalent of a 0.75litre of spirits it would cost £367.35! or £489.80 a litre. Thats the equivalent of:

82 gallons of Petrol

244 McDonalds milkshakes

97 Bottles of red wine

Next time, however, I will be going to which has all the information you would ever want on how to refill a cartridge. More adventure in ink cartridge land to follow 🙂


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