Nuisance Calls from 01369277016 Caution

I, and many others, received a call from the number about 2am last night.

The call is allegedly from Carrier: Telephony Services Limited or Gradwell. It call is an overlay service which shows as originating from Dunoon, Argyll in Scotland but it could be anywhere in the UK .

There is a trend that it is affecting o2 mobile users so make sure you switch your mobile off at night!

It may also be a premium number so please do not ring back!

There is more information here if you are interested.


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4 Responses to Nuisance Calls from 01369277016 Caution

  1. Laura says:

    Same has happened to me from this number today !

  2. Tony says:

    Just happened to me at 11:16am (I turn my phone off at night though), I’m with Orange

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