Twitter Alert If you get this message pls do not open the link

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If you receive this message via a Direct Message (DM) Twitter account the SENDERS account may have been hacked:

“So i googled your name and found some really funny stuff about you lol its archived here” {website link ending in .RU}

“Hey…you seen this yet?”

However, if you clink on the link and enter your details you may soon be a victim.

Its a variation on the message last week. Your contacts list has basically been copied and messages sent out to all.

A nefarious link that hacks Twitter accounts is being circulated via direct messages above.

There may be slightly different versions of the link circulating, but if you click on it, all of your followers will be spammed with the same message, and your account will be compromised.

It is not a new problem; there are similar phishing scams and worms under the guise of being able to see who’s viewed your profile and acai diet schemes. To prevent your account from being hacked, change your password often, delete offensive messages and be vigilant for incredulous links similar to the one above.

What do you do if your account is hacked? Change your password immediately — and any other accounts you have that may use the same password. Check what applications you’ve given access to your account — whether inadvertently or inadvertently. Revoke access for any suspicious applications, and delete tweets and DMs you sent and received while your account was compromised. Here’s a step-by-step guide from Twitter on what to do when this happens.


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