The Phenomenon of Social Networking

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Today has been a phenomenal day for North Devon on Twitter; the effects of the event are still rippling out even into this evening.

For those that were not aware, last night a group of individuals from North Devon, came together in the same room and gave a presentation on the advantages and disadvantages of social media. Amongst them were local experts @llamakevin @SarahLEscott, @robertz @TollerBeattie & Chris Peyton.

In the crowd were @paulkclews, @WhispersWW, @Bridaldesigns and taking minutes was @NaomiChapmanSMM.

The presentation was given the hash tag #ndsme and the gathering were actively encouraged to tweet whilst the presentation was in progress.

The conversation from the gathering went on well into the night after the event and there was lots of feedback from people who could not attend.

This morning I wrote a small piece on the blog describing the event, which received some kind comments, quite a few retweets (RT’s) and a publication in an online paper from an associate of @llamakevin. This was totally unexpected but echoed a lot of @robertz sentiments regarding social media.


As @robertz stated, it was great for building relationships and meeting people and this could be witnessed online, via Twitter, throughout the day.

Sarah Escott @SarahLEscott, who owned a marketing company in Barnstaple, also went on to provide more tips on Twitter for Linked In throughout the day and gave suggestions for Apps on Twitter to be more effective online.

@llamakevin, who has a holiday cottage businesses (with llamas for company) and an infrared heating company, also found out that Richard Branson follows his mantra of Tweeting personally himself! Whether he learnt this from Kevin is unclear.

@paulkclews also generously retweeted a lot of the pertinent points of the evening to people who had missed it.

All in all a good result from a small gathering the day before.


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