Photography – Snow in North Devon

Pictures taken on Nikon and Fuji point and shoots. The photos were cropped in Picasa and two had graduated tint added to highlight the snow in background. The tree pic was “warmified” using the tabs in Picasa. I found with snow pictures that the budget cameras tend to struggle with colour and everything seems a bit “white out”. The beauty of Photoshop or Picasa is that you can add life back in the photograph using mild tweaks.

The professionals out there will possibly say you should capture the image correct first time first time round. However, we are not all professionals and I am conscious that people who enjoy photography on a budget, may not have the skill or technical knowledge to achieve what they need via the camera itself. Hence a little tweak here and there will not hurt (in my opinion).

After all, photography is about capturing the moment not wrestling with settings on your camera šŸ™‚


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