The 10 Commandments of Influencer Communication on SocialMedia

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Excellent article on the above here. TRAACKR break it down into 10 small chunks.

1. Spend Time to Find the Right Influencers

”3% of people online make 90% of the impact”

2. Relevance Over Popularity

“Choose relevance over popularity. The most popular influencers on social media are often the least helpful in a social media campaign.”

3. Use the Right Tools For the Job

“We use Google to find the most relevant keywords, Traackr to gain insights and Klout to validate Twitter.”

4. Welcome Surprises

“Don’t discount the ‘little’ guy. Some of their one-to-one interactions are stronger than those of broadcasters. It only takes a pebble to start an avalanche.”

5. Be strategic

“Tools and technology are a good place to start, but we always need the human element.”

6. Be Timely and Aware

8. Be Creative, Experiment

“Use subject matter experts, not marketers, to engage. No marketing-speak: be authentic.”

9. No Silver Bullet, No Black Magic

“Success is for those who show up” ~Woody Allen

10. Measure What Matters

“Define and communicate your goals and make sure your measurement aligns with your business objective.”


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