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Last year the Barnstaple Chamber of Commerce & the NDBA organised a social media event in Barnstaple, North Devon.

It was presented by a lot of local professionals who used various social media to promote their chosen fields.

After the event a few of us, notably Sarah (@SarahLEscott), Dan (@offereddanajob) and myself, decided it would be nice to meet socially.

Most of us had met through Twitter and as this is limited 140 words, its difficult to hold a conversation online  😉

There are various definitions of a “Tweetup“, I quite like this one:

A “tweetup” is generally a meet-up of people on Twitter. It is often open, informal, with a central theme or interest. For example, most of the tweetups I’ve attended are related to social media or business networking. Some tweetups are for sports fans to gather and watch the game. There are even tweetups in the works for people and their dogs. Sometimes, it’s simply a group of Twitter friends getting together for a quick lunch or a drink after work.

tweetups are, by definition, organized via Twitter, but that doesn’t mean a Twitter account is required to attend. You don’t even have to know the organizer(s). As long as it’s a topic or a location you find interesting, it doesn’t matter how you heard about the tweetup. Just come with an open mind.

The meetup is open to all #Northdevon #Ndevon tweeters be they business or casual users.

Lilico’s seems like a nice bar, not one I have frequented in the evening but I hope to sample some of the beverages & food available. I understand Tapas is available!

Apparently there is wifi in the rear of the building and there is good 3G reception.

Lilico’s is located at opposite the square in Barnstaple here.

Parking is Free after 6pm at the Leisure Centre over the Bridge and in the Cattlemarket Car Park.

Hope to see you there and please say hello 🙂


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