In praise of the not so Smart Phone

I recently found a nearly iPhone on the beach just short of an incoming tide (see recent post), and it got me thinking.

You would not wear your beach clothes in the office so why would you take your iPhone/workphone on a sandy beach where it could get damaged or lost?

I had been wrestling with this idea for a while which is why I ended up buying a Samsungcandy bar” style rugged phone to take the place of my Android smartphone when outdoors.

Why would you do this you may ask? Well for starters, when I’m not working, I spend a lot of time on the beach/outdoors and this phone is waterproof. It also has a great battery life and noise cancelling so you can still hold a conversation in high winds or a noisy environment. Also, if I loose this phone, I won’t be upset because it cost less than £100 GBP.

Now the manufacturer claimed the phone could manage basic social media such as Twitter and Facebook but I have never been able to get either of these functions to work in any sort of fashion. However, on the plus side, it has allowed me to become more productive because I am not constantly checking tweets and notifications all the time. It is also has a voice recorder so I can make notes whilst walking or running and a timer and pedometer so I can keep track exercise and distance.

I do have to admit that initially I was not overly enthusiastic about this phone but now I have grown used to it’s foibles I quite like its dependability and robustness 😉

To summarise, if you are in the market for a new phone or your existing one doesnt really fit your needs, then think about what would better suit your needs. Do you need a sledgehammer phone to crack the proverbial nut or will a more modest piece of equipment do just as well? You might end up saving yourself some money and free up some time from social media 😉


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