New Spam calls from 01542 842715

Had a new spam call from 01542842715 today regarding financial services. Obviously TPS did not operate at it should do. I will investigate to see if this is unauthorised overlay service.

Thank you for your comments. In answer to the “I do not give my landline number out & how did they get my number?” the explanation I received from a call centre operator, when challenged on this point, was that the phone number is allegedly dialled  at “random” so as to get round the TPS issue. However, it is worth remembering that numbers can be harvested from a number of places especially competitions and application forms. It is always worth ticking the box “do not pass on my details to third parties or sister companies” or something to that effect if you are filling out promotional forms. You can also withdraw your consent at any time from these companies.

Tellows is saying the calls originate from Keith in UK, however the Google map give an address in the US here


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22 Responses to New Spam calls from 01542 842715

  1. John Griffiths says:

    Had one today, 19/3, touting personal injury compensation. Dialling the number recorded on 1471 led to an unrecognised number message

  2. Frank Love says:

    I am with TPS but had this number call today at 12:50pm although I did not manage to answer it before it jumped onto BT Answer. When I tried to call back I got the unrecognised number message.

    • Site Admin says:

      Hi Frank, Personally I never call back just in case it may be a premium number – which is another scam entirely. 1471 usually gives you a UK caller number if it doesn’t it could be an oversea call centre.

  3. P Higgins says:

    I had a call from this number around 10.50 this morning. It was a recorded voice for potential claims for head injuries. By some remarkable coincidence the last thing I was googling last night were articles about head injuries and solicitors who specialise in personal injury. Someone has to be hacking my computer and somehow knowing my landline number which very few people know. Except BT of course which is my internet/phone service. I’ve heard of this happening before to a friend. Surely this has to be unlawful activity. I was, btw, able to retrieve the number from 1471: same as above, 01542 842715. Please could you investigate?

  4. Ken Clarke says:

    Had a spam call from 01542842715 today and let my answer machine pick it up, they left no message obviously and I dialled 1471.

  5. Muffet says:

    Location Keith Scotland. Redialled and number not recognised!!

  6. Polar1 says:

    Thanks for posting. Had a call from this number today, I have TPS also, but also a tru-call device which screened it out.

  7. Vanessa says:

    I also got a call from this number today and it skipped to my voice mail before I could answer. Surprise, surprise no message left. Anyone who knows me knows I don’t use my landline number and I don’t give it out to anyone and it’s on TPS. How do these types of people keep getting my number?

  8. Soboredofthis says:

    Spam message recorded about clearing my huge debts. Apparently calling as ihadpreviously contacted them !!!!

  9. Tracy says:

    received a call at 10:28 today. As I have my phone goes to answer machine after 2 rings they didn’t leave a messsage. Very annoying though.

  10. Peter Briden says:

    Yes, definitely a personal injury compensation claims company. By the way, if you wonder how they got hold of your number – they didn’t! They have automated machines which dial thousands of numbers at random, many of which turn out to be genuine numbers. That’s why there is usually a pause when you answer the call. You have been called by a machine and when you pick up the phone it transfers the call to your friendly compensation adviser! Many calls are cut-off when you pick up the phone and that is simply because there are no fast-talking “advisers” available to take the call.

    The government has taken a significant action to clamp down on these claims companies, which will drastically reduce the number of cold calls. They have banned “no win, no fee” for personal injury claims. This has resulted in the number of claims declining significantly, and many claims companies are going out of business because of this government action, and many more will follow.

    Dodgy claims companies and specialist lawyers have encouraged many people to make fraudulent claims, e.g. imaginary whiplash injuries in a motor accident. (The personal injury compensation industry has been an unholy alliance between the claims companies, the large number of people who have been prepared to submit fraudulent claims, and opportunistic lawyers.)

    People have been prepared to submit a dishonest claim in the knowledge that if it was chucked out they would not be out of pocket because there would be no fees to be paid – “no win, no fee”. Therefore when the claim failed the claims companies and the lawyers had to cover their costs themselves.

    But – under the “compensation culture” that prevails today, many of these fraudulent claims succeeded and therefore the fees were deducted by the claims company from the compensation, the remaining amount being paid to the claimant. The claims company made a very healthy profit in excess of its costs (their fees are very high), and the crooked claimant was happy because he had received his “compo” and could brag about it down the pub.

    Under the new rule, if the claim fails, the claimant has to pay the fees, therefore people who would have previously had no qualms about submitting a crooked claim, are now not so willing to do so, in case their claim fails, and they have to find the money to pay the fees. (Out of pocket, sad and confused because they had been led to believe they would get some compensation – you would have to feel sorry for these crooked claimants – NOT!) Obviously this new rule explains the greatly reduced number of claims, which has resulted in many claims companies closing down – probably switching their efforts to some other dodgy enterprise.

    Apologies for the lengthy post, but hopefully it has helped shed some light on what previously happened, and what is now happening, in this shameful, greedy industry.

  11. Rachel P says:

    I just had a call from the same number. If you listen to the recorded message at the beginning it says they are calling because I opted in to receive calls – which I did not as I use TPS. When I pressed ‘5’ to speak to one their staff I asked for their contact address and how they got my number. He asked if I had a pen and paper and then hung up.

    How do we deal with these people?

    Business emails from bona fide companies (loch Fyne was one) where I request I am unsubscribed and then they continue to email me, are sent an email statibng all subsequent unsolicited emails sent by them to me will be charged at £200 a time. I put a return receipt and delivery status on the email I then send. £200 woudl cover Small Claims court and leave me with a nice profit. I’ve tried this several times and in each case the company stops emailing with immediate effect. Only suitable where you can properly trace the company mailing you.

  12. John says:

    Got two calls today. First one broke up so I disconnected. Second call at 11:25am automated message debts greater than 10k press 5 to talk to someone. Pressed 5 talked to somebody from moneysavers. Asked for his company registration number, couldn’t give it said moneysavers was a big national company. Asked where he was located he said south wales (he sounded welsh too). Then started to ask more about his operation. He hung up. I’m TPS registered and don’t get nuisance calls – this was unusual and by a business quite prepared to break the law.

  13. John says:

    By the way the dialing 1471 gave the number 01542 842715

  14. Nick says:

    Every time I answer there is no reply and when I call back the number is not recognised. Do psome’people’get paid for just making calls by the thousand (which are answered) and make more money that way than wasting their time trying to sell something they know is a 1 in 100+ chance of ever achieving? In other words are they just cheating their bosses who deserve all they get anyway?

  15. Jane says:

    Someone just rang me from this number and also said I was receiving the call because I opted in to receive updates from the financial industry (I didn’t). They offered to write off 70% of my debts (I don’t have any debts). I’m TPS registered too.

  16. Peter Freeman says:

    According to Nuisance Call Registry this number belongs to “The Debt Recovery Agency” of Banbridge, Co. Down.

  17. fonant says:

    Report these recorded-message nuisance calls to ICO, starting here:

  18. Me says:

    Turn off the ringing volume. Don’t bother subscribing to sky’s spam blocking thing because it don’t work.

  19. A Warner says:

    Had a call today from 01542 842715, bl**dy nuisance, already signed up with TPS

  20. I got a call from this number today, too! My carrier wouldn’t take the blame. Signed up with TPS years back. These calls are annoying!

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