How to set up your Nexus 4 on GiffGaff

I thought I would post an update for Nexus 4 owners on 4.2.2 Android on Giffgaff as the instructions on there are site slightly out of date for setting up Internet.

Firstly you need to go to Settings and you should be greeted by this screen:

You have to press the “More”  to get to the next screen here:

Then press “Mobile networks” to take you to this screen

Hopefully you come to this screen which shows the access point names.

Your Sim card may contain names of old networks you belong to so (at this point I chose to delete them)

In the top right hand corner there are three dots giving you three options:

  1. Select New APN
  2. Reset to Default
  3. Delete

Insert the settings from the Giffgaff page which should look something like this:

Hope that helps


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