Setting Up a #RaspberryPi with VNC

I have recently been playing with the #RaspberryPi (B) and it is an excellent piece of kit for the money (approx 25GBP).

Due to it diminutive size I am finding it easier to work with it via a laptop using a program called VNC.

VNC is a program that enable you to work remotely from the Raspberry pi so if you short on space, monitors or keyboards it’s a great way of cutting down duplication of peripherals and saves a lot of desk space.

There are some great instructions on setting up VNC on your laptop via Adafruit here and some excellent instruction for setting up VNC on a Nexus 7 here.

Both are excellent guides and saved me hours of trying to figure it out 😉

You can also use Putty for Terminal on the laptop which you can download here and I also used JuiceSSH for terminal on the Nexus 7 (available on the Google Play Store for free).

When working on the Nexus I connected a mouse via an OTG (on the go) cable. The Android keyboard doesn’t display via VNC, however, the mouse did operate via touchscreen 😉


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