Spam Calls from 08438320159

Today I received a Spam Calls from 08438320159 judging by this page here I am not the only one. They are a debt management company by all accounts. When I find out more I will record here. Please see my other pages of how to deal with spam calls.


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6 Responses to Spam Calls from 08438320159

  1. lost says:

    Yes, I received a voice message from this number today, too.

  2. Paul says:

    I have received today at 19th of September 2013 and been offered £7,000 of loan.

  3. Carol says:

    I have had 2 missed calls from this number today. Glad I didn’t answer them.

  4. Paul Friar says:

    I used to get lots of spam calls from all these “08” numbers until I finally got tired of them and purchased a call blocking unit for my landline. Now I can simply block all of the annoying calls that I never want to ring me again.

    As well as the landline call blocker there are also some very good call blocking apps for smartphones that do the same trick, and all without your phone even ringing once you have taught it which numbers to block.

    I now make youtube videos every time I get a spam call and I let everyone know the number of the spammer calling me so that they know its nothing to worry about and so that they can get a call blocker too if they are tired of being bombarded by similar calls!

  5. Paul Friar says:

    The best advice I can give people is to firstly not worry about answering a call if they do not know the number. If a call is important the caller would ring them back anyway after a short time, but if it is just a salesman they are unlikely to call back until they have finished calling everyone else on their list.

    This gives people plenty of time to do a quick web search to see who the number belongs to. It is pretty likely that lots of other people are receiving the same call and so finding the number and getting the gist of what it is about should be quite easy from then on.

    Although it is a worry when someone calls but does not leave a message, it is in fact a sure sign that the person on the other end is a salesman as they are notorious for not wanting to waste time leaving a message as they know you are unlikely to call them back anyway.

    (This is especially true in the case of “missed calls/call back” scams in which the caller makes money from those calling them back – so never call back to see who they are!)

    Once you have the number of the caller and you know it’s related to something spammy you should then block the call so that the particular number can never ring you again. A simple search of Amazon or even eBay will give you various call blocking units for your landline and Amazon does have some respected call blocking apps on it.

    Regarding the price that you should pay, my advice would be to not go for the absolute cheapest you can find as this leads to a loss of features. The call blocking unit I purchased (from Amazon) was a mid range unit.

    It has the benefit of being able to scroll through a history of every call you receive and allows you to block up to 1500 different numbers – hopefully I should not need that amount, but you never know!

    The cheaper units only allow you to block calls as they are happening, meaning that you cannot permanently block the callers you received whilst you were out at work, for example.

    The best quality units (such as TrueCall, which I really do like) allow you to have personalized greeting messages and also personalized messages for informing the caller that you do not want to take their call, once they are on your block list. All of this will take place without your phone ever ringing once setup.

    I will be making my review video of the call blocker I purchased (the one with the LCD screen and call history) for upload to YouTube and my website soon. I do not yet have a clear favourite call blocking app for smartphones, but as soon as I do I will also make a review video of that too.

    As for info on the 08438320159 number I never did find out anything beyond it being something related to a dodgy debt management scheme, however I haven’t received a call from them for well over a year, according to the call history on my mobile.

    The number has also been linked to PPI claims (aren’t we all sick of those calls?) as well as debt management and the company might be called “Ace Call Ltd” according to my research, although they may also be using different names and offering other “services” as well, but whatever the real truth is on this I can say with great comfort that it is a call that should be ignored or blocked altogether if you cannot ignore it.

    To close out my rather long comment (sorry for the length, I got carried away once I started explaining all the great things you can do to block calls) I would simply like to say that I have gone from an average of around 15 calls a day, to only maybe 1 international call a day since setting up my call blocker.

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