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How to set up your Nexus 4 on GiffGaff

I thought I would post an update for Nexus 4 owners on 4.2.2 Android¬†on Giffgaff as the instructions on there are site slightly out of date for setting up Internet. Firstly you need to go to Settings and you should … Continue reading

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In praise of the not so Smart Phone

I recently found a nearly iPhone on the beach just short of an incoming tide¬†(see recent post), and it got me thinking. You would not wear your beach clothes in the office so why would you take your iPhone/workphone on … Continue reading

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Mick Ebeling: The invention that unlocked a locked-in artist

Nerve disease ALS left graffiti artist TEMPT paralyzed from head to toe, and was forced to communicate blink by blink. Entrepreneur Mick Ebeling shares how he and a team of collaborators built an open-source invention that gave the artist the … Continue reading

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raspberry-pi- Dish by Adafruit

  raspberry-pi-dish-adafruit from adafruit industries on Vimeo.   Related articles Pi Dish for Raspberry Pi (video) (

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Teacher creates a school computer lab for free with “broken” computers and open source software

A heartwarming story of Robert Litt, a teacher at ASCEND, “a small arts K-8 school in the Alameda County School District.”. Robert needed a computer lab but his school had no budget. He called around to local businesses and individuals … Continue reading

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Raspberry Pi + Smart phone = Games Console, media player

This is an exciting development of a Raspberry Pi and mobile phone. Could this be a games console of the future?  

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Google+ Tablet

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